ISO 9001



Extract from the quality policy of the company

The distinctiveness of our manufacturing process of flash welded rings and flanges without metal filler allows us to ensure very short delivery times with very competitive costs in comparison with the market.

Thanks to this specific industrial technic and to the internal structure of our company, IBF France offers you the manufacturing of unit or small- and medium-series parts.

The quality of our products is today recognized by our customers and I am committed to ensure this continues.

Since its introduction in 2001, our Quality Management System (QMS) is regularly evolving and is a real management tool: it supports and guides our the organisation that we put in place in order to better meet the needs of our customers and to respect their requirements as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the flash welded rings and flanges.

Our QMS is also the tool that enables us to measure and to monitor our efficiency and to make the modifications and improvements needed to satisfy our customers and to ensure the quality of our products. It was built based on the requirements of the 9001-ISO standard (2015 edition).


Catherine DAZIN, IBF FRANCE managing director